Dear RJES readers,

This second issue of RJES draws on six research articles from academics in Thailand and from Indonesia. Almost all of them focus on ELT or English Language Teaching. The 3 main skills: speaking, reading and writing were discussed. These research projects were conducted in a classroom context with participants ranging from the Primary to Tertiary levels. Besides, a study of arts teaching techniques and primary students’ achievement was included in this volume. A research paper by the Thai author on ‘information and communication technology competence development’ reveals a current focus in teaching practices. Last but not least is our ‘Professional Reflections.’ This section is like a coffee corner in an academic environment. This issue provides a discussion on ‘creative thinking and ways to enhance it’.

The contents of Volume 1 Number 2 vary; they are good sources for both academics and interested readers.

We thank all of our authors from different universities in Thailand and Indonesia for your papers for RJES. As known, ASEAN is expected to bring us closer. Your shared ideas and expertise definitely contribute not only to academics, but also to a greater body of knowledge where people from all walks of life can reap the benefits.

Best wishes,
Ubon Sanpatchayapong, D.Ed.
Editor of RJES Volume 1 Number 2
December 12, 2014


Ruja Pholsward, Ph.D., Chief Editor 1
Jamie Wallin, Ph.D., Chief Editor 2