Article :
Thai Parents’ Attitudes toward Disney Movies

Authors :

 Tanawan Asawarachan

Faculty of Education, Rangsit University, Thailand
Abstract :

 The purpose of this research was to find out the attitudes of Thai parents toward Disney movies. The

50 participants were parents who had their children in kindergarten. The instruments were a
demographic questionnaire and a set of questions for semi-structured interview. Data collection took
place at a kindergarten school on the ground floor in an assembly room to create a relaxed
environment and to ensure confidentiality. The results of the data analysis revealed that most parents
allowed their children to watch Disney movies. Most parents occasionally watched movies with their
children (40.5%). The reason for parents allowing their children to watch Disney movies was that
they believed the movies provided opportunities for their children to learn English (30%) and morals
(22%). However, some parents indicated that Disney movies contained inappropriate plots (16%),
particularly in romantic scenes. It is clear that most parents have negative and positive feelings about
Disney movies. Understanding how Disney movies particularly influence young people can help
parents and educators identify benefit or risk factors from Disney movies for young children.

Keyword :
Disney movies, young children, Thai parents’ attitudes