Article :
A Study of Two Residential Schools for Juvenile Rehabilitation in Thailand

Authors :
David K. P. Li1
Songsan Udomsilp2 
Graduate Department of Development Administration
North-Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Abstract :

 The study investigated two residential schools for juvenile rehabilitation in Thailand regarding their success in program operations. The informants were parents, residents, teachers and judicial officials who gave information by interview and focus group discussion. The informants were positive to overall program operations. They identified major components that made the program effective: (1) provided schooling, (2) training for career/work, (3) community life, (4) spiritual life, and (5) creating a family atmosphere. It was found that the most important factor for success in life-transforming changes in the residents was having mature spiritual instructors as facilitators and models. 

Keyword :
residential school, juvenile rehabilitation, program operations, life-transforming changes