Article :
Evolution of Writing from Old English to Texting Language

Authors :

 Rajeevnath Ramnath

Graduate School of English
Assumption University, Thailand
Abstract :

 Texting as a verb in the act of sending and receiving short messages (SMS) has entered the English

lexicon. This paper is a study on texting lexis or textese (Crystal, 2008a, 2008b) in unsolicited
messages (SMS) received in a mobile number in the city of Chennai in India for two months in 2015.
The first section of this paper provides the rationale for the study, followed by a theoretical overview
of texting lexis and a brief methodology of the study. The frequency of texting lexis in the topics like
Technology, Sports, Dating, and Entertainment are reported before discussing the features of texting
lexis: Pictograms, Initialisms, Shortenings, Nonstandard Spellings, and Genuine Novelties after
Crystal’s list, and the type of each feature in the second section of the paper.

Keyword :
texting, unsolicited messages, lexical frequency, lexical features, types of texting lexis