Article :
Teachers’ Perceptions toward the Implementation of School-Based Curriculum (SBC) in Indonesia

Authors :

 Annisa Putri

Indonesia University of Education, Bandung, Indonesia
Abstract :

 As the government of Indonesia has decided to implement School-Based Curriculum (SBC), some

issues on readiness of the schools and teachers have gradually emerged. The curriculum demands the
teachers to be independent in teaching, including developing their own syllabus, and it has become an
ordeal to those teachers who are not ready. This small qualitative study was to find out (1) teachers’
perception toward the implementation of the SBC and (2) their problems in implementing the SBC
and their actions on fixing the identified problems. The subjects were two English teachers from
different schools in Lampung. The research instrument was a set of interview questions. It was found
that the teachers were positive toward the SBC implementation regarding understanding of the SBC,
syllabus organization, demands on teachers’ creativity and innovation, and problems encountered by
teachers. The obtained data revealed the teachers turning to group discussion and peer teaching.

Keyword :
perceptions, teachers’ perception, SBC (School-Based Curriculum), implementation