Note from Editors of RJES Volume 4 Number 1 

Dear RJES Readers, 
You are now with us in the third year with the sixth issue of Rangsit Journal of Educational Studies (RJES).  This issue contains five articles in the areas of instruction, science education, and juvenile rehabilitation school operations.  There is an addition of an article review on leadership development. 
In this issue, two papers focus on university students’ learning strategies and attitudes, and the other two are in science education at the secondary school level.  Article 1 reports an ecological perspective of second language learning strategies (LLSs) used by Chinese Students at a Thai university in Bangkok; and Article 2 examines Thai university students' attitudes toward the use of the Internet in learning English and other academic or communication tasks. Articles 3 and 4 focus on science education at the secondary school level regarding the use of counseling-based teaching techniques for physics study, followed by the integration of STEM education into teaching physics. As for Article 5, the researcher studied juvenile rehabilitation schools in Thailand and made recommendations for effective school operations. This issue is closed with an article review on leadership development, and professional Reflections on the impacts of technology on learning, respectively.   
It is expected that our readers will find the educational issues investigated in five research papers interesting in terms of research methodology and obtained findings that might provide new directions for those researchers or practitioners to explore further.  The volume and chief editors truly appreciate contributions from the authors in this volume and hope to hear some feedback from our readers. We always welcome new authors for your contribution to our RJES network.  
Pannarat Wansavatkul, Ed. D.
 RJES V4N1 Volume Editor 
Ruja Pholsward, Ph.D., Chief Editor 1 
Jamie Wallin, Ph.D., Chief Editor 2