Note from Editors of RJES Volume 5 Number 1

Dear RJES Readers,


Welcome to this RJES Volume 5 No 1. I am certain you will enjoy reading it and finding out what is happening in each context of the study of our five papers. The first paper to present to you is from Steve Pickford, who kindly agreed to be our keynote speaker at the Rangsit University Conference on 4th of May 2018. He offers to you his views about how to reform and innovate education in the international context. This comes at the right moment when we need literature on it. Minh-Quang Duong joins us in this volume with a case study from a Vietnamese university on the impacts of university activities and teaching methods on leadership capacity. This paper informs us about what a university is doing to equip students with leadership skills. The third paper presents the Indonesian hospital context. The authors raise a question on the significance of English competency for nurses. Are Indonesian nurses ready for medical tourism? Yes, the context in this paper is Indonesia but the same question can be applied to various other contexts where medical tourism is booming. The next paper investigates effectiveness of a program to produce Science and Mathematics talented teachers. What has been achieved? And what needs to be improved? This paper reveals to you whether the project has met its objectives. The last paper in this volume examines the effectiveness of metacognitive, cognitive and social listening strategies. The question that is raised in this paper is whether these strategies enhance listening achievement, self-awareness and social interaction. Finally, please do not miss a professional reflective essay from Pacharin Buasin, who although still doing her master’s degree, has offered her thoughts and reflections on teaching, researching and education. A little soft voice but very realistic of a young teacher.


I believe reading this RJES Volume 5 Number 1 is truly worth your time. Here it is, a plate full of food for thoughts ready to be served to you, Dear Readers. May I take this opportunity to thank our authors for their contributions to the field of education that is waiting for us to explore. Keep researching and investigating all the educational issues closest to your heart, my dear colleagues and submit your papers to RJES.


Pannarat Wansavatkul, Ed.D. RJES V5N1 Volume Editor

Anchalee Chayanuvat, Ed.D., Chief Editor