Article :
Article Review Building Social Capital through Leadership Development Context

Authors :
San Shwe Baw
IELE, Assumption University, Thailand
Abstract :

Cynthia Robert’s research article entitled “Building Social Capital through Leadership Development” is an impressive piece of work in which she relates the benefits enjoyed by one healthcare system through appropriate   exploitation of a mechanism called social capital. The two other factors that help social capital to enhance its effects are leadership development and action learning, all of which function coordinately to bring about the individual and organizational success of that healthcare system. In fact, what that healthcare system has done through a program called ‘The LEAD Program” is a clear manifestation of the motto ‘One for all, all for one’. To give her the credit she rightly deserves without mincing words, the researcher has done a great job of putting such a vehemently important and sophisticated success story in a nutshell.

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